Ceremony locations

Secret Beach in Brookings, Oregon
photographer: Sam Starns

Humboldt County is a gem. It’s a postcard worthy wonderland. There are a plethera of picturesque locations to have your perfect ceremony. There are so many choices that it can be difficult to narrow it down. Before picking a location there are some conciderations. Is it accessable? If your guests are elderly or disabled make sure your location can easily accomodate them. How many guests will there be? Make sure your location is big enough for everyone. Do you need electricity? If you need an amp for your micraphone or twinkle lights for your arch you may want an outlet, generator or batteries. Do you need wifi? If you want to live stream your ceremony for those loved ones that couldn’t come you want a signal. If it’s on the beach, those heels aren’t going to work easily. Trails can be muddy, even in the summer. Wind can be an issue as well. No matter where you decide or when, this is still Humboldt County and rain is always possible. Have a back up plan, even if it’s just umbrella or rain panchos.

If you decide to have your ceremony in one of our national, state, county or city parks you will most likely need a permit. It’s important to be aware of the restrictions and rules for your location choices. Be flexible. Remember to do your homework and leave plenty of time to get through any red tape. With planning and creativity you can have your ceremony at a place that you both love.

County Parks and Facilities Information

Humboldt County Parks and Trails Map

National Parks Special Use Permits: Weddings